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Pure Organic Ghee/450ml

Our cow-cultured ghee is enriched only with Brahmi that is grown responsibly. This ghee increases the herb's bioavailability by delivering the herb's therapeutic qualities deep within the bodily tissues. Gluten-Free Ghee, Vitamins & Omegas, Lactose Reduced, 100% Certified Organic.

Pure Organic Ghee/450ml

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  • According to Ayurveda guidelines, Desi Ghee is prepared from the milk of Bharathiya Gomatha using the Bilona method. The Desi Gomatha Ghee can be consumed to treat a variety of illnesses, including Vatta dosha, Pitta dosha, and others.
    *Ojas (Vigor),

    * Smooth skin with a bright complexion,

    * Improves healthy digestion,

    * Proper function of sense organs,

    * Healthy heart,

    * Improved metabolism,

    * Good sleep,

    * Longevity to build,

    * Immunity,

    * Strength, 
    * Boost calcium levels and provide the body with vitamin D, B12, and B17.

    A very fascinating fact about desi ghee is Agni Tattva, which burns away the superfluous fats in the body therefore it works excellently in balancing our bodies. It also has zero percent cholesterol, improves oxygen levels, treats lung-related disorders, and cures lung-related diseases.

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