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Jalapeno Samosa

Embark on a spice-infused journey with Frites Frozen Jalapeno Samosa, meticulously crafted by THE INDIAN FOOD COMPANY in the heart of Bangalore! These savory pockets of delight seamlessly blend the bold kick of jalapenos with a medley of authentic Indian spices, encased in a golden, flaky pastry. Elevate your snacking experience with Frites, where innovation meets tradition. Conveniently frozen for freshness, indulge in the fiery flavors of Bangalore with every bite. Spice up your moments – Frites, redefining frozen snacks with a touch of heat!

Frozen Jalapeno Samosa

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  • Introducing a culinary sensation that brings together the fiery essence of jalapenos and the rich tapestry of Indian spices – Frites Frozen Jalapeno Samosa by THE INDIAN FOOD COMPANY. Immerse yourself in a taste adventure as these perfectly crafted samosas redefine the art of snacking.

    Each samosa is a symphony of flavors, featuring a robust blend of jalapenos, cumin, coriander, and other authentic spices, expertly folded into a flaky, golden pastry. The result is a mouthwatering combination that delivers a satisfying crunch on the outside and an explosion of spicy goodness on the inside.

    Our commitment to quality shines through in every bite, with thoughtfully selected ingredients ensuring an authentic and delightful experience. The freezing process preserves the freshness of each element, guaranteeing that the distinctive flavors are retained until the moment of preparation.

    Whether you're a spice enthusiast looking for a thrilling snack or simply seeking a unique twist to your traditional samosa experience, Frites Frozen Jalapeno Samosa is the perfect choice. Easy to prepare in the comfort of your home, these samosas offer a convenient way to enjoy the bold and zesty flavors of Bangalore, where THE INDIAN FOOD COMPANY proudly presents the Frites brand.

    Spice up your moments and transform your snacking routine with the innovative and flavorful Frozen Jalapeno Samosa from Frites – a testament to our passion for creating memorable culinary experiences.

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